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a peek into my soul

 I want to inspire you to feel free….. to feel real freedom in loving who you truly are. Embrace all the extra time you can to love yourself and to honour your soul. Enliven your senses, and experience something new, nature is whispering to you…

I’ve always been somewhat of a rebel… a dreamer…. a believer and just like Granny and just like my Mom, I’m a RockHound with a Green Thumb. I yearn for the smell of a fragrant leaf as it’s gently squeezed between my fingertips. It’s even more of a blessing when I cultivate it.  My heart pulls me to the beach to walk the shorelines in search of stones that carry messages from beyond…… the beyond that my heart yearns for…

I have fond memories of scent …. I love Patchouli… The smell lingers in my nose and in my mind… I’ve fashioned it more than any of the others.

Deep down I knew someday I was going to create something with meaning… something….something….. but I didn’t know what.

I had a favoured essential oil body lotion … I felt alive when I wore it ….. They decided not to craft it anymore. When I found out I purchased up the small bit of stock that remained and I became a hoarder of fine scent. I rationed those bottles for a few years right down to the last drop. My passion had me yankerin for more and it led to the undying quest for just that.

In sync I became the creator, the inventor, the formulator, the scentoligist, the obsessed lover of finding truth and hope and transformation in a mixture or rather in a single scent. The wondrous energy of oils aided me in embracing my dark side… to bring it into the light. From madness to maturity they have been a catalyst as life has unfolded with divine beauty.

I am coming to find less is more and magic is formed from the minute. I honour, create and bring to you with positive intention and purpose, the love and healing spirit I have found in using these natural plant oils sourced from around the world.

If you are drawn here, then trust this is where you are to be, there is something here for you, and you also will find a scent for your soul! :o)

Jill Bond


20 John Street South, Aylmer Ontario, N5H 2C2


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7 replies on “About Us

  • Rosemary Craen

    Hello Jill, we met last sat at the 519 market – I bought 2 bottles of the Yin body lotion. I would like to order more of the Yin but its not on your website under shop? At least I couldn’t find it. Please advise
    thank you Rosemary

    • Jill@GroovyMoon

      Hey Jen! Thats it girlfriend, right beside the library and I’m open today 10-5!

      Throughout the month of May we’ll be filling the shelves weekly with
      new goodies and amazing products from other local artisans.

      Come on in!

      Peace Love And Sunshine,

  • Lisa

    I was one of the early followers of Jill’s .. when she started out in her home using her ideas & sampling the miracle mixes .. I had suffered for many many years with insomnia .. I had tried all the drug store shelf remedies & even prescribed medication .. the over the counter things never worked . Of course the prescribed pill did work for a while , then as with everything taken for any real length it’s ability became less reliable & it then became a dependency. With that being a terrible feeling of not being able to go to bed without having this tiny little pill .. I slowly took myself off of that.. well of course I was now back to falling asleep for maybe an hour or 2 ( menopause induced ) then there I lay from midnight until I was so frustrated & worked up , I would just get up & go down & watch tv , or in the summer time .. I would get in my vehicle at 4:30-5 am & drive to the beach & walk it & sit and watch the sun come up .. You may think well watching the sun come upis not so bad .. it really is not .. unless it is 5 out of 7 days a week …& then I still had to continue my day going into work until 5 pm . Then one day as I heard from a mutual friend .. have you talked to Jill Bond ( a high school friend from many years back). She may be able to help you … well I made a call & we started conversing .. & well the rest is history .. Jill came up with an amazing rub for the bottom
    Of my feet that I use faithfully each night as I go to bed .. I am not saying I have not had any insomnia ever again but I can honestly say that my sleepless nights are much less than they have ever been ..
    I also have used her amazing formula of lymphatica to help with permenant surgery damage , it helps move things around & helps with inflammation .. Jill has truly been an amazing part of my peace in my day to day life & I will never forget all that she has done .. & would recommend her products in a heart beat !! Thank you Jill you are the best xo


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