The biggest blessing I’ve had come to me since my venture into the marketplace thus far has been meeting so many incredible women! I love you all!…..The second has been the joy in giving away this little gem! The love that’s been bursting from this has just been incredible … I never would have guessed! #immensegratitude #stopandsmelltheroses #groovymoon #giftwithpurchase #giftyourgirlfriend … I’ll be bringing them along with me to the Dorchester Fair this coming Weekend as they celebrate 160 years. Look for me in the Donnybrook Hall. 🌹 Embrace the natural!

Oohhhh to be lucky enough to beautify your space with a geranium species that’s found to be similar to a rare South African variety…. mmmmm aahhhh….lucky….❤
The Rose Geranium is a perenial shrub bearing a leaf similar to lemon geranium, more commonly known as citronella. The scent of the leaf is magnificent, and with each pass by a little squeeze will adorned you with its aroma. It’s considered the poor mans rose but honestly I think if you’re fortunate enough to experience its scent.. your life is much richer! My into Balance lotion contains Rose Geranium which has a slew of uses and benefits.
Unfortuantely as I’ve mentioned its rare and when I went to repurchase It wasn’t as accessable. After a long search I found a trusted source and recieved my bottle yesterday. Bad news… you might have to fight for 1 of 3 jars left from my last batch…. good news…. I’ll be making more but the price has forced me into making it available in a smaller size. Let’s say its now an affordable luxury…
I’ll be at the St Thomas Horton Market this Saturday morning from 8-12:00 inside the building.–location.html
I’ll have some other goodies too and you’ll recieve a small gift with purchase….. because I love you… :o)
See you Saturday! 🌹

Sometimes we don’t know how we’re ever going to get there, and then magically it all falls into place.


““Let Go and Trust in the Unknown… for whatever you experience in the realm beyond space and time and emotionally embrace must manifest in this space and time… It’s the law”

Dr Joe Dispenza

““Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Helen Schucman