Into Balance Lotion and Rose Geranium

Oohhhh to be lucky enough to beautify your space with a geranium species that’s found to be similar to a rare South African variety…. mmmmm aahhhh….lucky….❤
The Rose Geranium is a perenial shrub bearing a leaf similar to lemon geranium, more commonly known as citronella. The scent of the leaf is magnificent, and with each pass by a little squeeze will adorned you with its aroma. It’s considered the poor mans rose but honestly I think if you’re fortunate enough to experience its scent.. your life is much richer! My into Balance lotion contains Rose Geranium which has a slew of uses and benefits.
Unfortuantely as I’ve mentioned its rare and when I went to repurchase It wasn’t as accessable. After a long search I found a trusted source and recieved my bottle yesterday. Bad news… you might have to fight for 1 of 3 jars left from my last batch…. good news…. I’ll be making more but the price has forced me into making it available in a smaller size. Let’s say its now an affordable luxury…
I’ll be at the St Thomas Horton Market this Saturday morning from 8-12:00 inside the building.–location.html
I’ll have some other goodies too and you’ll recieve a small gift with purchase….. because I love you… :o)
See you Saturday! 🌹

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