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Hangover Helper

Hangover Helper

You know I just couldn't resist using this name, and at the end of the day it's quite fitting. Sometimes what we did yesterday doesn’t effect our bodies until the next day. We realize we need help. Sometimes it’s physical sometimes it’s totally unconscious. Let us help you rise above ailments  whether their self inflicted, from an emotional aftermath of relational conflict, to soothe your sciatica or after a work out. Bless 2 TBSP to a hot bath and allow your body to ascend with this therapeutic blend. Add additional Epson salts as desired. Soak no longer than 20 minutes.  Experience relief. 

Did you know ailments that show up on the left side of the body often begin as associated emotional issues while ailments that start on the right tend to be more physical symptom based! Tried tested and true this blend utilized by your body will have you back to you in no time. I personally use this for Sciatica and have received feedback from customers that it provides relief. You'll be singing hallelujah for the help.

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