I want to inspire you to feel free….. to feel real freedom in loving who you truly are. Embrace all the extra time you can to love yourself and to honour your soul. Enliven your senses, and experience something new, nature is whispering to you…

I’ve always been somewhat of a rebel… a dreamer…. a believer and just like Granny and just like my Mom, I’m a RockHound with a Green Thumb. I yearn for the smell of a fragrant leaf as it’s gently squeezed between my fingertips. It’s even more of a blessing when I cultivate it.  My heart pulls me to the beach to walk the shorelines in search of stones that carry messages from beyond…… the beyond that my heart yearns for…

I have fond memories of scent …. I love Patchouli… The smell lingers in my nose and in my mind… I’ve fashioned it more than any of the others.

Deep down I knew someday I was going to create something with meaning… something….something….. but I didn’t know what.

I had a favoured essential oil body lotion … I felt alive when I wore it ….. They decided not to craft it anymore. When I found out I purchased up the small bit of stock that remained and I became a hoarder of fine scent. I rationed those bottles for a few years right down to the last drop. My passion had me yankerin for more and it led to the undying quest for just that.

In sync I became the creator, the inventor, the formulator, the scentoligist, the obsessed lover of finding truth, hope and transformation in a mixture or rather in a single scent. The wondrous energy of oils aided me in embracing my dark side… to bring it into the light. From madness to maturity they have been a catalyst as life has unfolded with divine beauty.

I am coming to find less is more and magic is formed from the minute. I honour, create and bring to you with positive intention and purpose, the love and healing spirit I have found in using these natural plant oils sourced from around the world.

If you are drawn here, then trust this is where you are to be, there is something here for you, and you also will find a scent for your soul! :o)


Quality first

We started making the products we wanted to see in the world and we did this with an uncompromising approach to sustainability.

Humble beginnings

Our story begins in a small shop with a small team. With nothing but passion and a dream our brand was born.

We Love The Earth

We honour the Ma and are commited to keeping her clean and green

Natural Ingredients

We use all natural ingredients that are ethically sourced

We Don't test on Animals

We love all beings and we don't work with companies that test their products on animals